KIC Krones water treatment systems

Clear, fresh and natural: Perfectly clean water is essential for hygienic beverage production. Reliably treat your water with KIC Krones.

Media and membranes for efficient water treatment

Your water may contain contaminants such as suspended matter, hydrogen sulphide or solutes. Effective treatment with our filter media and membrane technology returns your water to its purest form. The experts at KIC will determine the ideal combination of materials needed for efficient, eco-friendly treatment of your water.

Optimal filtration results

To improve water quality, the so-called fill of the filter media can be selected and tailored specifically for the particular application. This also lengthens the filtration cycles and reduces the amount of backflushing needed, thereby minimising water and media consumption.

Overview of natural filter materials (media filtration)

Perfect preconditions for a smoothly running production process

The people at KIC Krones are not only experts on adhesives, lubricants, detergents and disinfectants, but are also thoroughly familiar with all the machines in your filling and packaging lines. Find out more