KIC Krones filter aids for beer filtration

Renewable, natural, environmentally friendly: achieve the best beer quality with innovative cellulose-based filter aids from KIC Krones.

Renewable, natural, environmentally friendly: With Krones celcare KIC Krones responds to a new system developed by Krones for pre-coat filtration with alternative cellulose-based filter aids.

Benefits to you:

  • Reduce the consumption of filter aids by increasing filter service life
  • Perfect further utilisation or field application of cellulose as a renewable raw material after filtration
  • Can be used for candle filtration with Steinecker TFS (Twin Flow System)
  • Increased overall throughput due to a loose filter cake − Insensitive to tank changes
  • Free from crystalline components and their application

After successful filtration, the product is classified as biowaste and can be disposed of as such. In addition, there is the possibility of field application

Filter aids for innovative beer filtration

Krones celcare – a compressible filter aid on a cellulose basis – has been added to the KIC Krones product range. With this product, KIC Krones is reacting to a new system developed by Krones for precoat filtration with alternative filter aids. It not only stands out thanks to its excellent filtration results but also with a view to economic and ecological aspects: on the one hand, filter aid consumption is reduced the longer the filter service life. On the other, with cellulose, Krones celcare is using a natural, renewable raw material and is thus not subject to any limitations when it comes to its recycling or use as field fertilizer after filtration.

Best filtration results

The appropriate process to do so was developed by the brewing technology experts at Steinecker in collaboration with KIC Krones. The necessary differential pressure is regulated here by a bypass system in which the filtrate is guided into the unfiltrate supply at the filter. While filtration is in progress, the dosing quantity of Krones celcare – following a start-up phase in which the cake is built up quickly – can be reduced considerably. Therefore, in practical terms, this means: the consumption of filter aids is reduced the longer the service life. The permeability of the filter cake can also be precisely controlled, leading to excellent turbidity results for the widest range of unfiltered beer types.

Overview of filter materials for precoat filtration


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