Krones multicroma

Brilliant colours for digital decoration: With UV-curable inks you can bring individual designs to life – and turn packaging into artwork.

The technology

Would you like to create individual works of art at the touch of a button? Digital decoration technology makes this possible through …

  • the high-quality printing of glass and PET containers.
  • making it possible to decorate small batches and even individual packs.
  • conjuring up amazing optical and tactile effects – for example by printing three-dimensional structures on smooth glass surfaces.

Sounds interesting? You can find out more about the technology and view specific sample applications from our subsidiary Dekron.

The ink

Krones multicroma UV-curable inks have been specifically modified to suit the demands of digital decoration technology. What does this mean exactly? That they …

  • provide excellent coverage and span a wide colour spectrum.
  • achieve high mechanical resistance, adhesion or scratch resistance.
  • meet specific process requirements, such as the ability of printed glass bottles to resist pasteurisation.
  • also reliably adhere to the container in the presence of moisture and other stresses.

The correct product for each step: In addition to the UV-curable inks, the multicroma series offers perfectly matched consumables for the entire decoration process.

Decoration of other materials

Transparent, safe, sustainable

We place great importance on safety and sustainability both with regard to the products and their packaging:

  • PET bottles printed with multicroma UV-curable inks can be removed, processed and recycled to form new food packaging in conventional recycling washing processes.
  • The UV-curable inks receive a unique ID per RFID tag. This method prevents any mix-ups occurring during refilling right from the outset. The printed best before date and the tracking of the fill level simplify stock keeping and make the consumption in your production process transparent.